Torch's Next Generation Device has Arrived.

Since its inception, Torch has looked at oil and hardware as two vital parts that complete the user experience—creating a symphony of Consistency, flavor, and effects. We have worked to understand the needs and wants of the current hemp consumer; Torch hardware continues to evolve.


Diamond 2.0 incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, and its development involves over 500 hours of research, user feedback, and rigorous testing. This emphasis on research and development underscores Torch's commitment to delivering high-quality hardware.

Our new flagship device features three all-new technologies built into our sleek all-metal body design.

Firebug Engine

A fully revamped energy-efficient ceramic coil system. It features a highly porous food-grade ceramic material that offers 2x more surface area and absorption rate—matched with an energy-efficient heating element. Delivering high vapor production and accurate flavor draw after draw.

Focus Flow

A true post-less dual airflow design. The dual-channel air flow provides a smooth draw and cleaner flavor. Removing the central metal chimney can reduce condensation buildup that leads to leaking.

Vision+ Display

interacts with the device like never before. Led Display technology provides live battery life and feedback. 

Diamond 2.0 still features our single button operation (1 click draw, two click pre-heat, and five clicks on/off) and USB-c charging. The USB-C compatible offers fast charging for quick power-ups.

Experience the pinnacle of disposable hemp enjoyment with our Live Rosin THC-A blend, perfectly complemented by the Diamond 2.0 device.

Crafted from the ground up, the Diamond 2.0 boasts three cutting-edge technologies: the Firebug engine, Focus Flow, and Vision+ Display. These innovations seamlessly deliver an exquisite consistency, flavor, and effects blend. Our potent THC-A Rosin blend elevates your experience with optimal levels of THC-A, enriched by Delta 9 and natural terpenes. Explore a curated selection of ten flavors meticulously designed to deliver a full-flavored puff after puff: Experience Live Rosin THC-A and Diamond 2.0 today.