Surviving the Holidaze: The Ultimate Guide

Between gift shopping, family gatherings, and the search for the perfect festive playlist, it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed during the holiday season. Let's not even mention the slump between Christmas and New Years.

Luckily, there’s hemp. Hemp can be your ally in giving last-minute gifts, managing stress, and even uplifting the festivities.

This guide will be your beacon of light to help you navigate the remainder of the holiday season!

Tips for Enjoying Hemp During the Holidays:

Choose Your Fighter: Hemp comes in various forms, including: disposable vapes, edibles, flower, and oils. Explore different methods to find what suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Mindful Environment: Create a calm and comfortable environment before consuming. Consider factors like lighting, music, and overall setting to enhance your experience.

Stay Hydrated: Whether you're consuming hemp in edible form or smoking, staying hydrated is essential. Water can help alleviate potential dry mouth associated with some products.

Pair with Relaxation Techniques: Combine hemp consumption with relaxation practices like deep breathing, meditation, or gentle yoga to enhance the calming effects.

Be Patient: Hemp affects individuals differently, and the onset of effects can vary. Give yourself time to experience the full effects before deciding on adjustments.


Craving a break from the chaos? Take a walk with your cousin, sibling or the family dog. Make it a legendary tradition that turns painful family gatherings into a joyful experience. This isn’t your average stroll. Our Baby Burnout Blend comes in a sleek + discreet 2.2g device for an easy, on-the-go sesh.

LAST minute Gifts Ideas for the Different Types of People in Your Life:

The Foodie: Diamond Drop Gummies

The Foodie in your life deserves a flavor experience that tantalizes the taste buds. Elevate their culinary journey with Diamond Drop Gummies -  a delightful fusion of gourmet taste and uplifting benefits.

The Scrooge: Nitro XXL Gummies

Turn the tide on holiday humbug with Nitro XXL Gummies, the perfect antidote for the Scrooge in your circle. DON'T COUNT ON THEM SHARING.

The Aunt Who Talks Too Much: Live Resin Diamond Cartridges

Gift your chatty Aunt a thoughtful escape with Live Resin Diamond Cartridges. She’ll be able to quiet her mind anytime, anywhere. Not to mention, her chill vibe will be a pleasant experience for you, too!

Your College-Aged Cousin: 4g THC-A Flower

Elevate your fratty cousin’s sesh with the gift of 4g THC-A Flower. Enjoy watching them come up with whatever makeshift device they will use to enjoy it.

SHARE THE CHEER: Introducing Newbies to Hemp:

For those friends and family members who've never ventured into the world of hemp, here are a few tips on how to guide them through:

Start Small: Introduce them to something subtle, perhaps a product with CBD. They'll be amazed at the relaxing, natural benefits without feeling overwhelmed.

Be Informative: Highlight the positive effects of hemp! Understanding the benefits of hemp consumption makes all the difference. The more you know, the more you can explore.

Tailor to Their Interests: Whether it's fitness, beauty, or food, there's a hemp product for everyone. Tailor your gift to their hobbies and interests for a personalized touch.